ABOUT US ALBION MANAGEMENT is a consulting and service company dedicated to Real Estate Development ( Asset Management, Development Management, Project Management). ALBION MANAGEMENT proposes a range of services to investors who do not have or do not wish to create their own structure in Spain, Switzerland or Morocco. ALBION MANAGEMENT’s team is composed by real estate professionals with a large expertise in the Spanish market. It has been created with the purpose of providing a full and tailor-made service to foreign investors and real estate players who are willing to have a base in the Spanish market. AM is also present in France, Switzerland or Morocco. ALBION MANAGEMENT's target is to maximize the profitability of its clients’ real estate projects, with a special emphasis on the final cost of the investment, time schedules and the quality.
OUR SERVICES · Project Set Up and Consulting
· Development Management and Watch Dog
· Market research
· Product definition
· Financial appraisals
· Commercial coordination and strategy
· Full financing and Project Management
· Planning and licensing
· Construction Management
· Interior design and fitting out
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